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Cabinet products are developing in the direction of environmental protection, aesthetics and styliza

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In recent years, with the maturity of the Chinese cabinet market, the consumption concept of cabinets is changing. In a beautifully decorated, distinguished and warm new bedroom, having a set of highly personalized cabinets has become a popular and fashionable . Combined with the latest product trends of major cabinet companies, the domestic and international cabinet market will develop towards more environmental protection, aesthetics and stylization.


Environmentally friendly solid wood cabinets are more popular


Green design requires the selection of green raw materials. Cabinet companies can consider materials with high wood utilization, pre-formed materials, specialized parts and wood composites. The natural color of the logs and the natural and environmental characteristics are also the reasons why the solid wood cabinets are prosperous. Among them, the exquisite and simple style and the natural rough style are the main styles of solid wood cabinet sales. The solid wood cabinets, such as pine and poplar, which are relatively environmentally friendly and very affordable, are favored by many consumers.


Function and aesthetic tend to balance


Today's cabinet design has broken the inherent mode of the law-abiding, more on the basis of satisfying the basic functions, seeking a balance between function and aesthetics, from the appearance, material, scale to function have a bold combination of innovation. Cabinets that can be freely changed in shape and function appear in a large number, and more emphasis on the taste of life, its practicality and artistry have been far removed from the constraints of style.


Innovative introduction of European and American style


European and American style cabinets are inclusive and artistic, and they have concentrated all kinds of furniture elements and absorbed the excellent culture of each country. Consumers with cabinets with economic strength prefer European and American styles. Cabinet companies can introduce European and American styles into China and innovate, retaining their luxurious, elegant, heavy and comfortable personality, and showing the other side of feminine, harmonious and dignified. “Materials are environmentally friendly, neutral in color, and fashionable in style”, pushing European and American style cabinets to the peak of fashion.